Sunday, February 22, 2009

warband assumptions

So maybe I wrong about the whole warband thing, but I think people (at least in my server/tier) are really unnecessarily spooked by the whole keep siege thing, and I think the reason is bad organization.

Let me try to work through this.

How many tanks, healers, and dps to kill 4 champs at the same time. Assume the tank is the same level as the champs. 1/1/1? Something like that. Say worse case it's 2/2/2 So that's one party in your warband. Maybe the champs in keeps are unusually fearsome, but if so, it hasn't been obvious to me.

So then there's a hero, say 1 tank, 3 dps, 2 healers. That's a second group. 2 groups with: 3 tanks, 4 healers, 5 dps should be plenty to quickly kill all five NPCs in the keep main chamber. Also, if you actually kill the champs, you have an easier time when the opposing faction shows up to defend, and can reassign all the champ crew to PvP or to hero killing.

so 2 decent groups. Then you need enough extra to deal with defending players. Assume that they are not organized, at least initially. You shouldn't need more players than they have, right? Let's say one group: 1 tank, 2 healers, 3 dps for that too. Though probably you could do 5 dps, 1 healer in a kill squad.

simple assignments:

champ team tanks and kills champs, pvp defense (aka Kill squad) helps kill champs until defenders show up. Hero team tanks and burns down hero.

That's it. Is this bad math? Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't had that much experience with all this, so maybe my assumptions are incorrect. But if not, then bad leadership/poor tactics devalues your group by ~25% or more: a full warband with the pad or renown stair "strategies" and nothing else will often wipe against less than a single party of defenders.

I lead a small warband last night, but we were too tiny (2 healers, 2 tanks, 4 dps) to take a keep, and our one attempt met up with a full order warband, so yeah, who knows. I'd be interested in other perspectives or experiences. Maybe i'm missing something.

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  1. No matter who's leading a warband, most of the time a PUG WB will just rush the lord to try to get the precious contribution points. The only thing you are missing is the ability to have complete strangers follow your every whim.