Friday, February 20, 2009

F**k You Friday

Borrowed liberally from Achewood, it's Fuck You Friday. Here we go:

1. Bad Warband Leaders: Seriously, fuck you. Last night a number of destro parties were defending the keep in Marshes of Madness and merged into a warband. The new leaders were a certain guild who will remain nameless, but who I had grouped with before to less than stellar results.

The leadership orders us in all caps to go to Shadowlands. When any questions are asked, they are met with derision and insult. We ride to Elly and charge into the keep, and then up to the renown level. The plan is to jump down to the pad. Not sure why we needed to go to the third floor but there we were. And there we stayed. DONT JUMP DOWN. WAIT. Then nothing for like 10 minute. Meanwhile Order shockingly reinforces the position. Still nothing. They are planning in vent they say. We should join their vent if we want to contribute they say. But nothing is happening. Free tips:
A. assign tasks.
B. Communicate with your warband
C. Don't make it unnecessarily complicated
D. Don't bring underlevel people into the warband (level 8 in tier 2 = awesome). It's not classy.
D. Don't be dicks.

A bunch of us left at that point, and no doubt it all amounted to nothing. Awesome work guys, you are an inspiration.

2. Talisman Making level 49 why is it so freaking hard to find level 25 talisman ingredients? Why is it so hard to get from 40 to 50? Why have I not levelled from 49 to 50 after 6+ talismans all with level 25 ingredients. I've made this handy graphic to summarize the experience:

That is all. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I agree, crappy warband leaders is a big problem. I mean seriously, if you can't lead a warband, give the task to someone capable. We're not all natural leaders, but some of us are (I'm not, that's why I don't lead). Those who are good should lead. It's simple.
    We were defending a keep in Barak Varr today. It was really fun and there was a lot of orders that put up a good fight. The, all of a sudden, the warband leader comands us all to go to Ostland. We ofcourse asked why, and he said that there were more orders there. But then the truth came out, his influence bar for greenskin tier 2 RvR was full. What the hell? We all switched warband instantly, and he went to Ostland all by himself.
    I love your blogging, keep up the good work!

  2. The important thing is to let people know, as you did, when they are screwing up. That's how the good gets sorted from the bad, and how people get better.

    Another important factor is what the players in your group want. Does your leader know or care? If you want to fight order, but he wants to turn objectives, or take keeps, it may not make sense to be in the same group.

    Sometimes smaller groups may make more sense than larger ones.

  3. I agree. All in our group, even the leader, had decided to defend Barak Varr whit our last breath, smashing every order in sight. And so we did, and the orders didn't seem to stop coming. It was awesome. Then, as you already know, the leader got his Elite reward from the inf bar. Ater that, he didn't seem to care that we were all having fun, and he wanted to swap BO's in Ostland. It's important to know what you want when you are a leader. Trowing out a whole different order just like that really confuse people. Even if he is the leader, it's important to ask his group if they really want to swap BO's. If they don't, maybe Ostland is not an option.
    After all, a leader whitout his group is not much of a leader.