Monday, February 9, 2009

Keeps, Keeps everywhere ...

... and not a drop to loot.

Did a few keep sieges last night. Of the hurry up while Order is elsewhere and then skedaddle variety. Pretty fun, albeit rather easy. The tension really comes from the fear that order will crash the party.

Of course at rank 15, my contribution was on the low side. No loot from any of the three we did. The last (marshes of madness) was a bit screwy. Our warband leader said to pull the keep lord down to lower level. I know from pulling, so I jumped on the chance, body-pulling the keep lord and retinue from the top of the stairs.

I backed down and jumped off the side. Should've been perfect. But yeah, not so much. I dropped into a little half-circle surrounded by torches. Completely stuck. Meanwhile the warband decided to fight upstairs. Groan. I spent the whole time trying to hop out. Then I hurried to logout via /stuck so I wouldn't accidentally take someone's loot. Hopefully I got out before the roll.

"How you doin?"

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