Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seven Favorites

When Syp commands, Czarnal obeys. ... Eventually.

So my selection of favorites will be skewed by my lack of WAR experience, but anyway, here ya go:

Favorite Zone: Inevitable City, baby! Seriously, this is the sickest city in MMOs: the Lyceum, the soulless servants, the pursuing fleshhounds ... its all good. It's the only place I've ever gotten one-shotted while I was walking around, twice in the same night, and been happy about it. It's dangerous and weird and dark. Love it. Now if only there were a crafting vendor near the Soul Vaults.

Favorite Race: Chaos. No brainer for me. Chaos is I think a riskier race-concept than you might think. It's not evil in a pretty way, it's not simply blood or cruel. It's deranged and diabolic and occasionally diseased and decripit. You've got your twisted mutants, your hunched lunatics ... that's good times.

Favorite Career: Chosen. This is sort of a default choice, given that I've only really played chosen and zealot. But I will say that tanking and pvp is a lot more fun and more interesting with the chosen than it was as a warrior. There's no simple sequence to holding aggro and/or mitigating damage, at least that I've figured, and no two button PVP strategy (spamstring + mortal strike ftw). So maybe it's a default choice, but pretty fun nonetheless.

Favorite WAR Feature: Public Quests. Seriously I love these lil guys. Sequenced fights, mini-dungeons, itsy-bitsy rep grinds ... call them what you will. They are pure PvE goodness.If I could get steady groups together I would do these all the time.

Favorite Skill: Guard. This is a seriously primo tanking skill. Not flashy, but so money. It's a classic two-birder: you got a high aggro party-member? Give him some extra mitigation and reduce the chance he pulls aggro. Also great way to show a healer a little love.

Favorite Scenario: Nordenwatch still, but it's closer than I would have thought. My reactions have changed since I wrote this. I like Mourkain Temple more now, as I have a better feel for the mechanic, and khaine's embrace, which I've enjoyed on my zealot. While Nordenwatch hasn't been nearly as interesting on the zealot as it was on Czarnal.

Favorite Live Event: Night of Murder. Another default answer for me, as it's the only one i've done, but I liked it. Got me out there sieging keeps, killing stubborn sinseekers, and generally mucking about. Plus I got to hang out with the hags!

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