Wednesday, February 11, 2009

here we go, yo ... what's the scenario?

Okay two tiers in, time for a completely unnecessary scenario review. I'll note approximately how often I've won in that scenario, which might color my perspective. Let's go to results!


The short version: three flags, take and hold flags for points.
The long version: a lot of different terrain makes this a pretty dynamic scenario: curving hills, fragments of wall, bridges, ramps etc. You can march through in order, or end-run and snap up a poorly defended flag behind the front. Maybe a little repetitive for some, but I think the simple structure really shines.
My Win percentage: 100%
Grade: A
If this were a food item it would be: A nice steak. Yum.

Khaine's Embrace
The short version: take both flags (sorry, altars) for points, then they explode. Hide in tunnels or at third shrine to avoid one-shot death.
The long version: not sure how this one is supposed to work exactly. There are lots of discreet passages between the two flags (sorry, altars) which should encourage small group skirmishing, but never really seemed to. Often it seemed to end with one group (order, cough) hanging out by their guards. Ends up being a zerg-fest.
My Win percentage: 65%
Grade: D
If this were a food item it would be: Guatemalan Insanity Pepper

Gates of Ekrund
The short version: take and hold three flags (can we just call them flags, instead of ... resources? strategic locations? I mean, jeez, they are literally flags!).
The long version: three flags in a fortress. Warcamps are close by the exits, so be careful not to get dragged back into the guards. The three flags are quite close to each other and the whole place is very mazy and frantic. Again, like Nordenwatch there's great variation in terrain with balconies, stairs, broken walls, etc. It reminds me of a good wolfenstein map.
My Win percentage: 90%
Grade: B
If this were a food item it would be: haggis


Stone Troll Crossing
The short version: grab the Troll pacifier (flag) and once you have it, turn the three nodes (troll camps).
The long version: This one is definitely interesting. A big smashmouth start, with lots of terrain interest around it. It does seem to be hard to turn around once one side gets the upper hand, but has a nice mix of large group and smaller skirmish type battles.
My Win percentage: 20%
Grade: B
If this were a food item it would be: fried oysters

Phoenix Gate
The short version: Warsong gulch. Er, sorry capture the flag while yours is safe.
The long version: well hmm. This is not my favorite mechanic, but it works okay here. I think the map is a bit long, and there are a couple choke points, so you can't really sneak around or anything. Tends to end up focused on one group's base, while the other team ferries the flag back over and over.
My Win percentage: 40%
Grade: C
If this were a food item it would be: Green ... salad. No dressing.

Mourkain Temple
The short version: control the mourkain artifact, while in your possession, kill people. Don't die.
The long version: What. The. Fudge. This scenario makes me want to eat my eyeballs. It brings out the worst in PUGs and rewards brute strength over tactics. I should say it rewards strategy, but not tactics, in that if you're roles are played well you should do well, but there's no positional, or distribution game (ie. who stays offense, who defense).
My Win percentage: 10%
Grade: WTF
If this were a food item it would be: my eyeballs.

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  1. I really do agree about Mourkain temple. It seems like it is probably a fairly big instance but i have seen very little of it. I run to the same spot, fight, die, re-spawn, repeat. Not a lot happens to break this up. Stone Troll is great though. I frequently find the lone Shadow Warrior or Bright Wizard running around all alone and kill them.