Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lursa's Blight

This is a very fun PQ that I highly recommend. Go in cold, no hints or guidance, with a decent group and see how you do. Go ahead, I'll wait. Spoilers below.


You done now? See, totally cool!

Lursa's Blight is a three stage PQ with a couple interesting tricks.

Stage two: you have to kill 9 rot bearers. They are spawned in packs of three, all champs natch. What you don't expect is that they will resurrct each other, taking away your kill credits in the process. So what do you do? We tried a couple stategies (moving away from spawn point, kiting etc) before finding the right one: kill them all at the same time. Seems simple, but that's the fun of trying something you don't know the trick to.

The third stage has another wrinkle: the hero spawns with three normal adds. You kill them first of course, but then, wait, they all respawned. So you have to adjust to that one too.

This is the heart of what makes PvE fun. Surprising encounters and different kinds of challenges that require you to think on your feet, putting different responsibilities on the group members, forcing different, better play out of the group members.

RvR can do this too, but often it too becomes rote, and it tends to hone certain skills and strategies, rather than encouraging you to develop new strategies and solutions.

Another fun part of PQs is the simple surprise of the unexpected. Don't read the PQ summary before you try the Blightstone Trolls PQ. A fun surprise, at least for our group, and easy enough to do.

What are other great PQs I should seek out? all recommendations are welcome.

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