Monday, February 2, 2009

Ow My Eye

Okay, I love the random achievements (I got one for scavenging while standing in water, woot), and the Ow My Eye! title is pretty funny, but I'd rather be able to actually click things on the ground.

Maybe its just the chosen silhouette, but I swear that I have to adjust my camera every single time I loot something. Or open a gate. I've gotten in the habit of positining Czarnal at an angle from NPCs so that I can click on them.

Is this something that is always there, that I've just forgotten about in my 2 month MMO fast? I noticed in the customization menu that there was an "allow character click through" toggle. Eureka! But, not so much. Still a problem. Maybe it just didn't take.

Seriously, aside from the funny achievements, why do I ever need to click my character? I guess if i was a healer and didn't have auto self-target, I might need it (click your unitframe, cough cough).

I guess I could go to first person mode ... /shudder.

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