Friday, February 27, 2009

how ya doin

After three chicken-ings in close succession, two of which came in PvE zones, I decided to finally bid adieu to Tier 2. I'm only a night or so into Tier 3, but I've been lucky enough to do a fair bit of content.

Scenarios You know the one thing I didn't think when I was doing Mourkain Temple is "This place needs more lava!," but know I've got the molten core of scenarios: atmospheric but repetitive design: check, lava deaths aplenty (at least for me): check. Now all we need is Major Domo getting a smack down.

Temple of Isha was new, and I like it, its like a mini-siege mechanic. Maybe I like it because we crushed order. That usually helps.

The other one, Black Fire Basin I guess, was ... er, capture the flag again. Someone thought that Phoenix Gate was good, but what if it were like really huuuuge.

I'm not so sure. And what's with the glowy ball in the middle of the map? I spent a long time trying to click that dang thing.

I was very pleased with my ability to contribute. Not sure how much mileage I got out of my dischord spec healing debuff aura, but I felt like i was providing utility, so that's something.

And the rewards for doing scenarios? Daang. One scenario netted me 19k XP and nearly 4k renown. That is serious ROI.

Also did some PQs, but not enough to have a great feel for them yet. Did some quests in badlands, and was reminded how pleasant questing is in WAR. The interface is so good.

Speaking of which, Squin has a very nice WAR v. WoW post on Dark Crag Dispatch noting the quest interface (even with addons its not even funny how much better WAR is) and the kill rate/rest differences. Good stuff.

So yeah, T3, how ya doin? I'm looking forward to taking your loots.

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