Friday, February 13, 2009

Sacellum East

So we did a Sacellum East run last night, which was fun. I was very interested to see how dungeons in WAR would work, how they would compare to WoW's dungeons. Aesthetically, I thought Sacellum East was very nice without being particularly fancy or different. Has a good chaos feel to it.

We had a strong group: chosen (moi), black orc, 2 zealots, and 2 marauders. We were probably around level 15 on average. I came armed with Thulf's guide to Sacellum East, which was quite helpful.

Trash consisted of four types of mob: beastman Gors, beastman Ungors, Flesh hounds of Khorne, and flayerkin. The majority of the trash were beastmen in packs of three, all champs naturally. The fleshounds were near the final boss and were in packs of 2 with a beastman handler. The flayerkin were in mobs of 2 or 3 and guarded the four side entrances that lead to the other two bosses. The only tricky part in the trash for us came from body-aggroing a pack of flayerkin that I didn't see (sorry guys!). We survived to my relief. I'd suggest hugging the left wall to avoid the flayerkin adding, or pulling the beastmen packs away from the side passages.

We went straight down to the final boss first, Vul the Bloodchosen. A very cool looking chaos champion type. His fight is a bit boring, honestly. Straight Tank and Spank with really not much in the way of damage spiking or anything. Just a lot of HP to churn through. He dropped 2 set piece items, boots and a helm (magus and blackguard for us, unfortunately) and a green.

The other bosses were also pretty easy, both gigantic Gors. The second of these seemed to have an aggro dump at one point in the fight, when he emotes "enough of this, we fight like heroes" or something to that effect. The first side boss was also tank and spank.

Oh the flayerkin seem to have some sort of cleave or melee aoe ability.

I would go back, and hopefully will get to try the other wings soon. The end boss drops are quite nice and worth the time, which was quite reasonable, IMO. The sidebosses, even though they require almost no extra clearing are hardly worth it. They both dropped level 13 greens for us. Not too impressive but probably worth short side trip.

Probably need two tanks to clear the trash, two healers was certainly nice to have as well. I think a lower level group of six could easily handle it. Only took a little longer than a PQ and a nice change of pace.

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