Friday, February 20, 2009

"Patch Note Notes" or "Don't Take Away My Dryad Husks"

So I finally bothered to look at the professions patch notes. Interesting stuff and promising I think. One change that will have a big effect on Czarnal (which they bafflingly refer to as a minor change): Scavenging will no longer drop apothecary reagents.

This makes sense: two gathering per crafting. The problem is that some of us are Scavenger/Apothecaries.

This was in my opinion probably the optimal combination. It's the only one I can think of that required no supplemantary gathering skill. Currently I can scavenge water and apothecary main ingredients. Cultivation? Where's your water, hon?

Now maybe Butchering provides water, but if it does I'm raising the bullshit flag. Spiders shouldn't carry bottled water is what I'm saying.

So now my lovely combination is completely hosed. What do I do? Respec to Talisman? Ugh and ugh. I may have to abandon scavenging, which I would hate as it is now.

Currently, scavenging is fantastically evocative. Much of the scavenging loot is nicely coordinated with what you are killing. Skeletons drop grimy grave dirt, or ghostly knucklebones. Dryads drop dryad husks, Nurglings drop demonic whiskers. Humans drop leeches and fleas, which is gross, but also pretty expressive of the world.

In the new order I guess they'll all drop fragments instead. It makes sense and is fairer I guess, but still ... I'll miss my horse leeches.


  1. Scavengers can change to butchering according to some dev post in WHA, if i remember correct..

  2. Well I may have to give butchering a chance. Maybe its close enough to scavenging that I won't miss the change. But then I'll have no gethering in scenarios :(

    Honestly its the forced change that bothers me rather than the re-leveling. Not too hard to grind fifty tier one wolves.