Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oi, beleza?

Just wanted to shout out to the brazilians I grouped up with last night: Derruba, Davejones, and Mortien. Derruba and Mortien joined with Czarnal and my pal Bellagoth for the Ch.3 easy PQ (Gathering and Pillaging, iirc) and then for a Khaine's embrace. Davejones joined up with us after Bella left for Fields of Woe. They were a good group, and chatted away in Portuguese while we ran through the PQ.

Apparently Volkmar has a big brazilian population. One of those interesting things you find out about your server. My old WoW server, Suramar, had a huge Aussie population when it started out (before the oceanic servers came up). Meeting people from far away places and killing stuff together, that's good times.

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