Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chosen:Master Assassin::Shadow Warrior:Actual Warrior

Got my master assassin title last night in a keep lord kill in the Marshes of Madness. Funny that the superior title ("the Murderous") comes so easy and the lesser title so hard. Well, it was fun grinding it out.

The keep lords were of course the hard part, but there was a lot of activity mostly trading keeps back and forth it seemed, but still fun enough. I won 2 massive bags, netting me an obliterator chest piece and a pocket full of silver. (Really, only one decent thing in massive bags for the whole tier?)

Our last attempt at a keep, after I'd gotten my title thankfully, ended in abject failure. There were I'll admit 2 defenders, but they only showed up after the keep lord (Stone Troll Keep) should have been dead.

Why did he not die? Well thank you for asking. The renown stairs, whee! Or as I like to call them, the Oh-my-f**cking-god-don't-reset-the-keep-lord stairs.

Yeah, aggro pull by a caster, probably after a tank death (lots of those throughout our attempt) resulted in a reset after he was down to what, 20%?

Rough. We never got close again.

Seriously three quick pointers for people from a RVR WB noob, but a raiding veteran:

1. put some thoughts into what your groups are ... consider buffs, useful abilities, etc. Czarnal was in a group with all the other tanks. Bad idea. Who do we guard? Who are we buffing? We can all twist several auras, no need to stack us all in a group.

2. do a countdown on a hard pull, or have a designated puller (Main Tank probably). Counting down to the pull in WB chat is easy and effective. Try it out.

3. Leashing is great when you need it. But why risk it when you don't don't sit on the pad or the renown vendor stairs unless you are catching aggro from champions, you need to hide from the opposition or, well just don't do it. Resets are much more costly than individual deaths.

The ten ninjas line is from R.Stevens.

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