Monday, February 2, 2009

Life during Wartime

Had a good first weekend in WAR. I had a lot of expectations, and really a lot of information for someone starting up, but still I found some things surprised me both positively and negatively. On the whole, I like it a lot.

I came to WAR after playing WOW for almost four years, so my whole response is pretty comparative. I wonder though about comparing the two: in as much as there's any point in comparing them (I think there is), which WoW should we compare WAR too? The WOW of 2009, or the one of 2005, when it was as old as WAR is now?

We'll see. I'm a weekend into the game, rank 10/rr 9 on my chosen, Czarnal, and have found lots to like and lots to do.

More to come.

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