Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tier One redux

So over the weekend I trotted out my zealot for a second round of chaos tier one. Why did I repeat the same zone? A couple of reasons:

1. I like the chaos starting zones,
2. I wanted to play a zealot and its hard/impractical to move a character from their initial starting zone
3. I was planning on doing the RvR challenge (well,starting from level 3, as I'd already gotten my zealot to 3) so the zone would only matter in terms of rvr lake, and chaos/empire from my earlier experience had an okay one.

So now my Zealot, Xoth, is level 9, and here's my tier one redux notes.

Healers in RvR/scenarios: daaang zealots are fragile. Just brutal. I can churn out some healing, but I can't solo worth a crap and any focus fire sees me crumple.

I think the contrast from playing a tank exacerbates the feeling: the chosen is quite durable, and has at least a chance of soloing most classes. The zealot feels like much more of a support class.

The class you desperately need at one point may not be the same when you reroll: Yeah there's nothing but zealots in Tier One. Nothing like trying to RVR with a gaggle of zealots. Believe me the witch hunters and white lions are not sad.

RvR challenge: yeah no thanks. I did RvR only from 3 to 7 and it was pretty easy really, but it wasn't super fun. A couple of problems for me: gear. I felt I was falling behind on gear pretty early on, that makes RvR harder, or seems to anyway. Waiting: When the scenario queue slowed down, I had nothing to do. The RvR lake was quiet, and when it wasn't quiet it was brutal at level 6 or so. RvR feels more fun to me when its inter-mixed with some PvE. Crafting: no money, few drops makes crafting pretty rough. I have mixed feeling about crafting, but I still want to try it out. Xoth is my talisman crafter and salvager, and RvR didn't help much. Scavenging on the other hand mixes nicely with rvr in my experience.

Lairs, baby! I sort of randomly lucked into a lair run (Camilla the decayed) we were a relatively weak five man and barely scrapped through the fight, but it was good fun, and the drops were quite decent I thought (none for me though). I wish people would do more of these, do more of the hard PQs etc. Which made me wonder, do people do RvR because its more rewarding, or because its more incentivized?

I think there's a portion of the player base who primarily wants to RvR. I had a healer drop group when we were on the final boss of a challenging PQ to do a scenario. Now we had wiped on the boss, but there was time for another try. Weird to me.

I think that if you got renown rank from doing PQs, if the accumulation rewards were better and harder to solo grind (doing stage one over and over) you'd have more solo content.

Let's have a PvE holiday! Dungeon runs for pocket items or trophies, PQ achievements for cloaks etc. Or at least a portion of a holiday that requires PvE. Night of Murder only had the marked mobs requirement, which could be easily farmed in the capital, instead of on PQ endbosses.

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