Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So last night, in a panic, I bent to maxing out my T1 oRVR rep. The panic stemmed from making this decision about 2/3 of the way to the advanced rep reward, and 3/4 of the way through rank 11.

But really, it wasn't a problem. Order obliged by mixing it up all night and now I have my Lost Axe.

Tier 1 oRVR is a bit odd. Rep gains are really fast, and I get that it's meant as a training mode for later oRVR, but the taking of Battlefield Objectives is a little ... odd.

The objectives can be pretty handly 2-manned, and are seldom defended. Once taken they must be defended briefly and then they're locked. Which means after you run around and grab them all, there's not much to do but skirmish.

I like skirmishing fine, but it's not really objective-based pvp is it? On my way to elite rep, I think we defended a node one time in numbers and I don't think I participated in a single assault against a defended BO. It's all hit and run action.

Is that bad? Not in itself. But I wonder if its training us to be good RVR-players in later tiers, or training in bad habits.


  1. Welcome to the WAR! Love the blog, very much enjoying it so far -- you have a great voice. I'll throw a link to you tomorrow.

  2. It does my heart to see others enjoying the Chosen class. Welcome to the blogosphere, enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work