Monday, February 2, 2009

Clever little gobbo

So in the Nordenwatch scenario, T1, we'd rushed out to the fortress, clever plan that, and I stepped up to the bridge to try to choke the order attack away from the flag. Order was happy to oblige and pounded away at me. My health dropped pretty low, and I noticed the flag had capped, so I swigged a potion and ran back behind my teammates. The idea was to drop out of combat, and regen up some health. not sure if that's realistic or not, but that was the thought.

For the most part, the other destro players were providing nice cover and I wasn't getting ranged or anything. Then a goblin, with a witchhunter all over him comes hauling around on the wall side and drags him right up to me.

Oh, clever play that, says i, and I step up to peel the WH off the healer. He obliges and starts stabbing and shooting and what not. No problem I thought, just need that heal ...

No heal. I die. I scroll the camera over and notice that the goblin in question is not a shaman at all. He's a squig herder.

If he'd been a shaman, I'd have been annoyed, but for dps, that's just smart play. So hat tip to you, squiggy, even though you killed me.

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