Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want my smoking skull!

So Bellagoth informed me and I later confirmed that my Zealot tome unlock, the smoking skull pocket item, which my tome of knowledge tells me I'm due, is out of stock or something. Seriously. The librarian in IC won't even talk to me about it.

He's so rude sometimes.

I vaguely remembered reading that it was bugged for destro, maybe on Pwnsan although I couldn't find the page to confirm that, so I went to Wardb and checked out the item. no comments, but the "Worn by" page is pretty telling.

All of I'm left with is the dang ol' Flint Stone, which is underwhelming. Basically, it makes a scraping noise.

Scraping noises do not impress the ladies. Maybe I need to click it furiously for a few minutes. I'll give that a try, I guess, but I'm not optimistic.

Way to have a lame pocket item, Bright Wizards.

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