Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Warhammer: Celebrities of Reckoning

Well, of course, Syp beat me to it.

/waves fist futilely at the sky

But we have slightly different takes on this important, really critical, matter.

My idea is to catalogue the celebrities that most look like/reflect the various WAR races, while SYP goes the casting call route. I'm going to focus on the ones that are interesting to me, but if you have good ideas for the rest, I'll be happy to add.

Anyway off to the races:


For the chaos dude, there can be only one: Motorhead's Lemmy.
Haggard: check.
Muttonchops: check.
Badass: check.

If you wanted to go with a chaos gal, the obvious choice here for me is Amy Winehouse. She looks like a zealot already. Wasted by drugs rather than chaos, I suppose but the feel is right, even if her hair looks more Witch Elf than Zealot.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born to play a gothy-elf in a dress. He did a nice turn as Steerpike (shown here), one of my favorite bad guys. The key is to be a pretty-boy, uppity, and cruel. Put that boy in a man dress and give him a goblet!

Pick your favorite lantern jaw for orc and big nose for a goblin...really nobody looks like these guys.

Put Jack Black in a dorky suit of armor and you've got a probably drunken dwarf (imagine a LOTR sizing effect if that's a big hangup for you).


Tilda Swinton has the ethereal/androgynous/attractive-but-not-sultry high elf thing going on. No point in doing a male/female for the high elves. Not that much difference and Tilda can handle either one, I reckon.


I might go like an Ed Harris route if I was looking Warrior Priest. Obviously if you were thinking of the ladies of the Empire, or even dude wizards, knights, or witch hunters, you'd go elsewhere. I reckon Patrick Stewart could make a fabulous bright wizard.