Friday, March 20, 2009

Lrn 2 Scenario ... the Destro Way

Welcome, servants of evil, or as we like to call it around here, "badness." The world of Destro scenarios can be a little confusing at first, so I present this handy three-step guide to Scenario-ing the Destro Way.

Focus You see that bright wizard over there? That's right, up on the hill, looking all smug and fiery. That guy. That guy needs to eat soil, am I right? Make it your mission, your quest, your personal jihad. Follow him to the ends of the earth. Leave your companions behind. Be singleminded. Sure he's got a pocket healer and there's a tank circling around him debuffing, snaring and knocking you around, but does that mean you should change targets or regroup? Hell. No.

Self-sufficiency Zealots, shamans, Disciples of Khaine. We love them right? Of course we do. That's why we must never, ever help them out. The path to fulfillment is hard won. Why would you heal another healer? They've got their own healing spells! And if you're a dps class, well, there's that bright wizard again! Tanks, now I know you may be thinking. I can help this healer, and make the whole destro force stronger. But you can't. Better to just charge into the fray making a ridiculous spectacle of yourself. Better yet, just jump into the lava.

Gumption Sure you and all your allies have been killed, and order is camping your respawn point, but that's no reason to gather your forces and reorganize. Organization is for order. This is chaos, baby! Just run right out there. That bright wizard is somewhere up there. You're sure to get a heal when you run as fast as possible away from your allies. You're leading the charge after all!

And don't sit back and defend a node. That sort of behavior is for lackeys and lesser minions. Just rush past that flag, leave yours undefended, ignore the so-called "goal" and "objectives". The only real objective is spilling blood, am I right? If they wanted you to defend, they wouldn't make it take so long.


Okay so there you have it. Three easy steps to help you scenario ... the Destro way. Good luck and good being-hunted! And remember, if it's not bad, it's not Destro!


  1. Lol, funny stuff there. Quite true as well, I hate it when someone who does all of the above starts complaining that 'order are OP, thay always win!"

  2. Hilarious :D

    And quite true I suppose.

  3. Made my day :P Sadly, this is true, and happens on all servers I've been to. No wonder why Order outnumbers Destro on so many servers. As soon as they change that Black Guard to an Ionbreaker, they suddenly knows how to play the game. There's something magic with these Orders.

  4. I almost spit my pop out, that's too funny.