Friday, March 27, 2009

Red Rover, Red Rover Send Order Right Over

Last Night brought yet another assault on the IC. Instead of churning into the city defense instances, we put together a skirmish/blockade warband. Eventually parking ourselves right in front of the entrance to the city siege. Is this kind of a dick move? Sure it is. On the other hand: completely legitimate defense strategy as its set up now, and it's not like order has never seen the inside of the IC.

The trick is that you can't enter the instance portal if you're in combat, which I'm guessing a lot of order didn't know or forgot, cause they kept trying to bulldoze past us.

As far as the advantages of this tactic for destro. Well, I'm not entirely sure, and wasn't consulted, but here's my guesses:
1. more of a nuisance: they respawn, what back at their CW warcamp? that would suck.
2. oRvR influence. Is this better than what you get in the city defense instances? no idea.
3. low levels? Not sure what the level reqs are to participate in city defense, so maybe it was an accomodation for the lowbies (like me) in the WB.

Anyway it was fun. We definitely rained on the order parade.

A couple oddities that were new to me. The ram pad giving us grief:

Every time it was killed it would sort of bitch at us about not having won yet. Kind of surreal and funny.

The other odd bit was the engineer who somehow got onto the other side of the instance portal.

There's no line of sight I guess from that position, but he must've been pretty edgy while he was camped there. Kudos to him, though, eventually he went out of combat and snuck into the instance.

Fun times, and some good scrapes in the mix. T4 oRvR definitely has a nice sense of consequence to it. Your presence in the fight has real effects on the war outcome, in a way that I never felt at the lower levels.


  1. This is awesome. I wish I had been involved!

  2. I was there for a good hour and a half on the Order side. It was great, I was on my AM. Died more then my fair share, but it was fun. My grp was there not to enter but just guard, normally it is a bore. Thanks for the fun