Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pimp My Chosen

I'm in a pickle of a dilly of a jam, as Ned Flanders might say. Czarnal is starting to get some nice looking gear, but I'm still loath to cough up big bucks to dye his crappier pieces of gear to match the nicer items. Case in point:

Now I've got my three pieces of Devestator gear, which come in a nice red color with a dark grey trim. Very pretty, but to dye the rest of my gear to match would cost serious shekels. So I've gone the cheap route here, dyeing my other gear cheap neutral colors.

But I'm not loving it. So I pose to the community, to you, gentle reader, this question: How do I get a nice look without breaking the bank? Some of these pieces will be upgraded very soon. My belt in particular is kind of terrible.

Any thoughts on working in a secondary color scheme? Should I just say a tearful goodbye to the nice dark red and go for a matching set?

I've had sets in the past where all my armor except for one piece, say the helmet, was one color and the helmet was a different contrasting color: Say light gray armor with a dark blue helmet. I thought that looked kind of nice.

Tying in the secondary colors might be a way to give a sense of unity to the look.

Also, while I'm on the subject, Please Mythic, let us dye our shields. Shields are like the most obviously paintable-part of a set of gear, and the visual impact of the shield for those slinging one is considerable.


  1. The cheaper Greens/Brown, with that cheaper white/grey color is a nice scheme I used early on. I didn't get "The Trendy" but not testing out schemes. Or reverse them if you wish. Play around with the dye maker. It's fun times.

  2. I long ago gave up on trying to buy dye, there are actually some really good vendor dyes though, I just switched to warlock purple and I'm loving it!

  3. I stopped dyeing items a long time ago. A marauder should not have to care about how his armour looks :P
    Usually I tend to go for the grittier look, like brown and grey colours.
    The only problem I have with vendor dyes is that they are all way too bright. So I stick with the colour of the piece itself, totally undyed. Now my character looks like he picked up random pieces from his fallen foes and I think that fits quite nicely into the practically non-existing Marauder lore :)

  4. I understand the point of restricting some dye colors ... trying to buoy up the AH market and all, but really ... there's no black or dark grey at all from vendors. There's only a very green blue, but there's two purples, several yellows and oranges? What in the E.L. Fudge is that about?

    Why not make some muted version of every color available from vendors, and make brighter, darker better versions available as crafting bonuses or drops.

    One of the great things about the idea of dyeing is that you can theoretically set a visual identity for your toon from the get-go, but with so many colors off limits, this is really only plausible for alts and those willing to identify themselves with orange and brown (yee haw, i'm the earth-colors avenger!)

  5. what you wanna do, is set up a cultivating alt. keep leveling up seeds (i used the ballistic skill ones) and reaping them.
    at lvl75, your seed should start dropping a pigment (it's maybe scorched brown or something?) that you can make a dye with.

    Its a real nice dark red colour, like the "Ghronds Cape" (if that's what it's called, i've been out of the game for a month now :( ) get enough of this to dye the larger portions of all your armour pieces.

    you can then use the dirtier gold/yellow for your trim, or a dark silver/grey/white, all from the vendor.

    my shadow warrior used this scheme and, by gosh, it's a corker.

    vague, i know. my answer to your question is essentially: "oh, i know i know! maybe!"

  6. I've got the cultivating alt going full steam (cultivating 200) and lots of dyes of all the various types.

    I like the specificity of your suggestion, particularly the practicality of mixing vendor dyes with the crafted ones.

    As a short term solution, I solved my dilemma. Basically i went cheap silver on all the armor except for the shoulders and gloves which I did in complementary colors (orange and teal blue, both vendor) and used those colors on the cloak. I like the scheme, even if the colors are sort of placeholders for me.

    I think what I need to do is a thorough review of all the drop and crafting dyes, so that I can make smart decisions about combining them.

    I'm glad to hear that the extract brown actually displays as a dark-reddish color. I'll have to check it out.

  7. There is a great spot, just north of the Order War camp in High Pass where the mobs drop the dye: Midnight Blue fairly often.

    When I was doing a PQ there the one with ghosts, NW from the Order warcamp I managed to snag 3 of those dyes in one grind session.

    Means some grinding, yes, but at least you get a rather cool-looking colour for little cost. PLUS, you can get other drops as well!