Friday, March 13, 2009

F*ck You Friday ... the 13th

In honor of my return from the brink of death (not really), I present unto you, gentle soul, a fuck-you friday the 13th.

1. Warband Hall-monitors: Fuck you self-important windbags. Seriously, telling people to listen to the warband leader or badgering people that happen to not be interested in the mighty struggle of taking unopposed BOs, or generally acting like you have some sort of mantle of authority. You don't. If people are wasting spots you need, tell your WB leader, get them kicked. If people are being rude or disrespectful and it bugs you, vocally support the warband leader, or better yet, explain why their ideas aren't as good.

2. Scenario phantoms: Queued up for a scenario that you really aren't going to join? Fuck you. Now it happens, I get that. It pops fast sometimes, you aren't ready. Or really slowly, and well its stage three of that PQ. Hey no problem. But if you hang on to the queue the max time, if you do this over and over again, you are why the scenarios are always off balance. Also ... if you're in a warband taking BOs or something, don't queue the whole group. You're not going to do scenarios. So knock it off.

Actually, now that I think about it, I really want to say fuck you to unbalanced scenarios, which i guess is a mythic complaint. People are lame, mythic, you know that. It's great that you want us to have like eight minutes to make up our mind or not if we really want to go into the scenario we queued for but its leaving them unbalanced ... a lot. That wastes everybody's time. So, fuck you, and now please sort it out. Thanks!

3. Choppas and Slayers who are to good too play defense. Basically that's all of you guys, as far as I can tell. I thought "it'll be fun to heal tier one scenarios right after choppas and slayers are introduced." WRONG. Here's why. So we're charging up the hill in nordenwatch, i'm behind a group of slayers on my DoK. At the fort are waiting a group of slayers, they charge slightly to the side of the choppas in front of me. Choppas promptly ignore them and leave me to die. Quickly and brutally.

When I chided the group for not defending healers in SC, i was told to fight at the flag.

Yeah, no soup for you, oh and fuck you, too.

4. PvE bashers. Two flavors of annoying for me here: the first is technically, the PvE Hater. This noble beast roams the RvR fields loudly proclaiming the lameness of taking undefended BOs or keeps not because it is boring (which in the case of the BOs it is, unless you're group is size three members or smaller) but because it is PvE. Chances are, good sir, that you suck at PvE. So, fuck you.

The second, more common is the PvE denigrator. The "pve in this game sucks" songbird. To you, sweet prince, I say, do you do the pve? Are you completing quest strings? are you doing PQs all the way through, dungeons? If so, then I grant you your opinion. If not ...

come closer ...

fuck you.


  1. It looks like this felt good to write. :)

  2. Ahhh... I always love these posts. *munchs on more popcorn* Keep it up!

  3. "if not...

    come closer...

    fuck you"

    possibly the the most genious passage to ever grace the black and white medium.