Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Khaine's embrace

Did three or four turns in Khaine's embrace last night. Have to say, not a huge fan. The mechanic is ... weird. Two flags to control, and grabbing both gets you points, but also blows you up. My complaints with this are:

1. the instructions could be a little less arcane. Here's more or less what the instructions read: "Controlling both altars wins points but also causes khaine's wrath. Avoid imminent death or ask for forgiveness." Not a quote obviously, but yeah. NOT THAT HELPFUL.

2. why would either side be in a hurry to control a temple (if that's what its supposed to be) that blows you up for controlling it? Not usually something you look for in real estate.

I think the idea of the multiple paths between the nodes is interesting, and could theoretically work to divide the sides into smaller skirmishes, but in reality that didn't seem to happen. Battles were fought on the flags or in giant scrums in a given tunnel or path.

While I'm on the subject, the high level guards on the spawn points? Yeah, they suck. And so do shadow warriors for exploiting them. Just saying. Also, shadow warriors? Not warriors. Archers. See my informative illustration below:

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  1. I love the drawing you did there... I totally agree about Shadow Warriors being poorly named.