Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gold Bag Santa Claus UPDATED

This may be a well-known phenomenon, or maybe it's a bug, and I'm spilling the beans, but it's an interesting trick for those of you who PQ.

The master looter can hand out bags. Now this may not always work, and maybe it only works when you haven't touched the chest, but if you manage it, you can distribute any of the bag drops to anyone in the party.

I was the beneficiary of this in a ch.9 pq a while back and it just occured to me that people might not know about it. In the PQ, a higher level DoK won 1st place in contribution and the top reward, a blue bag. The Dok took master looter and then distributed the bag to me.

Theoretically this should work in any chest drop situation, although in large PuGs its probably not worth the grief. But if you win a bag you don't need, you may be able to hand it off to someone who does.

EDIT (3/30):

Got this to work with some tweaking. Post patch 1.2, fyi. Here are important considerations:
1. master looter must be high bag winner,
2.must have loot preferences set to loot all (instead of uncommon the default).
3. auto-loot should be off
4. have master-looter on before boss fight starts (Not 100% sure it needs to be on before fight starts, certainly before it ends).
5. The person to receive a bag must not have looted one yet.

I'm pretty sure you can set master looter to on, and then change the master-looter, but I haven't actually confirmed this.

Anyway. It works. Turn off auto-loot, set loot to "all" and enjoy.


  1. Well damn, I sure hope that's not a bug. That's handy!

  2. I have herd this smae thing before, however the actual process has never been explained. How is this done exactlly? From what I have gathered the WB leader would have to set loot to master looter and then deligate it to people that need the bag. Also From my expierence you can only master loot a bag is both of you actully rolled a bag...

  3. I don't know all the details, having only seen this done once. In that case the high-roller, after the chest dropped, switched looting to master looter and then distributed the top bag to me. I believe I had won a green bag, so you might be right about having to have won something. I'm also not sure if the bag-distributor was the warband leader before the roll or not.

    You might have to experiment a bit to get it to work for you.

    If I can definitively say one thing or another works, I'll post that info.

  4. Did quite a bit of experimentation with this over the weekend, with no success. Had the gold bag winner take master looter (as other places I've read have suggested) and had master looter on well before the final boss fight started.

    But the master looter was unable to master loot. Still think there's a way to do this, but am getting worried that it's a bug or exploit. I'll experiment some more and post again when (if) I figure it out.