Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's time to say goodbye

Around the time LoD hit, my WAR experience had reached a stable point: I was still very much enjoying the game, particularly playing with my great guildies and exploring the new content, but I had essentially given up on the end game. I was no longer hungry for the next boss, the next drop, the next upgrade.

At the same time I had a lot of outside work to do, and then I traveled for two weeks. Since I've been back I've been in WAR a fair amount, but I have hardly touched my Chosen. I've played alts and enjoyed grouping for PQs and RvR content, but the die has already been cast.

I'm leaving WAR, though I'll think on it fondly. my account expires in August and I won't be renewing it. WAR just isn't the game I'd like it to be. I think in many ways its a startlingly good game, full of a crisp vision and some really excellent features, but at the same time plagued by an over-abundance of riches and a headstrong and, for me problematic, devotion to PvP.

So sadly, I'll be taking my limited gaming hours elsewhere.

At the moment I'm playing , which is brand new to me, and which I'm enjoying, and I'm playing the beta of Aion. Aion wasn't why I'm quitting WAR although it will likely take WAR's place in my time.

I don't feel like a WAR blog is the place to discuss Aion at length, but for me the most refreshing thing about Aion was its simplicity of focus: there's only really one or two things to do .. a big change from WAR's avalanche of options.

I'd like to shout out to WAR's bloggers past and present: a fun, smart and interesting crew that had good ideas and made the game a lot more interesting for me.

I'd like to post an exit summary on my WAR experience and hope to have that together in the next week or so, but in case that fails (as such things often do) I want to make sure to thank everyone who's ever stopped by to have a read and particularly those who've left comments and sent emails. It's been big fun.



  1. Czar, you'll always be the little man in my head that tells me serve chaos... that I have to backhand on a regular basis for such blasphemy. Hehe...

    Glad to hear you're alive at least, sad to see ya go. Hope you'll come back after some time off, of course.

  2. Have fun playing Aion or whatever you will find.. *waves goodbye*

  3. I've enjoyed your blog, take care.

  4. Czar,

    It's been a great run. On the same note as this post, I'm shutting down the guild. Wort, Shen, and I are also quitting. I don't know where we'll be going, but likely MMOs in the near future seem to be Champions Online or DDO, or both since DDO will be free.

    Keep in touch. Gaming won't be the same without you.

  5. Raes, it's been a blast playing with you guys. Drop me a line at so we can stay in touch.