Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So everyone's in a tizzy about WARBuddy (hear the WARP podcast on it here), an exploit program that allows you to, essentially, disregard the physics and boundaries of the game world.

Yeah, this sort of thing is really bad. There used to be a similar program for WoW that I think they got rid of by using that installer thing that checks the version of the game on your computer at runtime. People in WoW used it to attack mobs in dungeons from above them, where they were unable to target.

Hacks happen, bots happen. I can't really get too worked up about it, really. Sure people are cheating, but they take risks when they do: accounts get banned for this sort of thing. And how does it affect me? I get owned plenty by non-cheating players so that wouldn't be a difference.

Let me put it another way, which is more potent: warbuddy or a super-high end guild? If you have a very active, high-level guild you have a huge advantage in the game, and totally legitimately.

So yeah, they need to figure out how to get this thing out of the game, but I'm not gonna get in a twist about it, and if it's one or the other, I'd rather they work on the game's content -- on encouraging players to keep playing than on stopping cheaters.


  1. Nothing worse than people screaming IM GONNA QUIT COZ THERES CHEATERS. There is ALWAYS cheaters. Every competitive game ever has had them.

  2. well, it would be nice if they made some sort of effort to stop this sort of thing... i mean, it annoys me a little bit.

    that being said, i havent really noticed anyone using it so far.. as you say, plenty of people own me already, and i don't notice whether the person owning me is cheating or not :P

  3. If you haven't seen anyone using it then yuo're not playing. There are hundreds of people using this havk and the issue is that Mythic will no NOTHING about it. I've personally reported over 20 people who have addmitted to using it 100% of the time, yet no bans.

  4. Cheating happens, always. People who are honest and don't cheat get upset over it, always. Game developers learn of the cheats, find those who cheat and whip out BANZOR the Banhammer, al(SSCRREEEECH!)....unless they are Mythic, in which case they do absolutely nothing, always. They cannot even fix their own massive, pesticide-proof bugs without spawning entirely new species of super-mutated bugs, so it's no surprise that they have not lifted a finger to even try to combat this problem. If anything is going to get fixed, they need to start by fixing up their team first. That starts by ceasing the hire of totally unqualified "talent" just to save a few bucks and get some people in their who can actually do the job. That may happen now that they top uber-lying geekmeisters have been fired and game management maybe transfered to Bioware. In retrospect, to say that they worst thing is people who complain about cheating is clearly quite silly, especially in this case where people actually have something to complain about (non-action). The second to worst thing is the fact that some players actually cheat, and don't understand that it's not only bad for their victims, but for themselves too. The worst thing? That would be the genetic defectives that see nothing wrong with it (cheating). But.. that's a sad reflection of what our society has become. People are incapable of being honest and feel that they must cheat to get ahead. In today's society of self-centered instant gratification-seekers, they know no other way.