Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Drop Dye Colors

Hey hey, it's a non-april fool's day post. Shout out to all the funny and well-done Fool's Day posts out there. Of what I've seen, Thulf and Rivs win the prizes, and Dont's post is also quite funny.

What I offer you, gentle reader, is less amusing, but hopefully helpful. A quick look at some of the various drop and cultivating dyes out there and what they actually look like. You can get also get screenshots of the various dyes from wardb but having the context of a comparison, is I think worth a look. I've provided some vendor dyes as context.

Blazing Orange
Scorched Brown
Made from resinous brown extract (cultivating)
Dark Red
common quality drop
Red Gore
made from fiery red ant extract (cultivating)
Warlock Purple
drop dye shown, but same as vendor

Regal Blue

Midnight Blue
Seaguard Blue
made from blue bottle fly extract (cultivating)

Scaly Green
Oddly enough the drop Scaly Green that I had previewed like this:
Which is the same as Goblin Green
Made from verdant leaf extract (cultivating)

Obviously a lot missing here. I'll try to update as I acquire more dye, and screenshot submissions are welcome.



    Just check out all the dyes at the same time :)

  2. Nice! thanks for the tip. I'll definitely grab that one.